Since you’re here, you might as well watch a baby monkey going backwards on a pig.

Now that you’re done with that:

I don’t hate HU! In fact, I’m trying to save it.

The primary purpose of this blog is to foster academic freedom by encouraging the faculty and staff at HU to organize a labor union. Only in this way– coupled with qualified leadership– can HU faculty and staff focus on academics and rescue HU from an early demise. I’m exercising my right to under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to:

  • Form or join a union
  • Bargain collectively for a contract that sets wages, benefits, hours, and other working conditions
  • Discuss wages, working conditions or union organizing with co-workers or a union
  • Act with co-workers to improve working conditions by raising complaints with an employer or a government agency

Any attempt by HU to interfere with this social media driven organizing campaign will be a direct violation of the NLRA and will result in an immediate filing of a complaint with The National Labor Relations Board.

Employers may not:

  • Prohibit employees from discussing a union during non-work time, or from distributing union literature during non-work time in non-work areas, such as parking lots or break rooms
  • Question employees about their union support or activities in a manner that discourages them from engaging in that activity
    I'm looking at You Dr.Darr

    I'm looking at you Dr.Darr

  • Fire, demote, transfer, reduce hours or take other adverse action against employees who join or support a union or act with co-workers for mutual aid and protection, or who refuse to engage in such activity
  • Threaten to close their workplace if employees form or join a union
  • Promise or grant promotions, pay raises, or other benefits to discourage or encourage union support

Don’t interfere with my rights!


Local National Labor Relations Board Office:

Philadelphia (4)
615 Chestnut Street, 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404
Regional Director: Dorothy L. Moore-Duncan
Hours of Operation: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (EST)

TEL: 215-597-7601
FAX: 215-597-7658


And who am I? Well, I’m not telling. And really, it makes no difference.  I’m on a public network behind a proxy when I post or send email (and when I signed up for this blog service) and I’m not using a computer associated with HU. I value my privacy and I’ll value your privacy too. Post whatever comment you want– as long as they are not libelous–I’ll approve them unedited, even if I disagree with you (no spamish behavior please). If you feel the need to communicate sensitive information, I will under no circumstances reveal your identity to anyone.

My information comes from various sources and I employ normal journalistic standards. If you feel I’ve made a factual error you may post a comment directly or send email to im.watching.hu@gmail.com and I will address your concerns ASAP.


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